Property Management

When we say individual property management, we mean being both your right and left hand…and sometimes legs as well. As the owner of a property in Slovakia, you don’t have to take care of the operation of your property personally – that’s where we come into play. Let us worry about day-to-day contact with tenants, authorities, building management companies and services suppliers.

Property management in Slovakia is mostly:

  • Administration, storage of keys and property documents
  • Creating budget for your property (incomes vs. costs)
  • Active search of tenants
  • Cooperation with leading real estate agencies
  • Negotiations, preparation and signing of rental agreement
  • Property handover
  • Regular tenant checks
  • Handling of damages and repairs
  • Property insurance
  • Taxpayer registration (rental tax, real estate tax)
  • Administration of tax returns
  • Utilities suppliers negotiations
  • Communication with building management company

We’ll be happy to present you with a complete range of our property management services at a personal meeting. Head over to the Contact page, where you will find our full contact details, as well as a handy contact form.